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Antalya Airport
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For airport transfers, use the easy booking system on our site. After completing the booking in a few steps, you can then check your booking status, save it or print it out. Your reservations will be checked and approved by our representatives within approximately 10 minutes and a final confirmation email will be sent to you. If you receive this mail, your reservation is finalized.


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Antalya Airport Transfers

We make vip airport transfers between Antalya airport and tourist areas such as Alanya, Kemer, Side, Belek Kalkan, Kas. Our experienced drivers who speak a foreign language, they are welcome you at Antalya Airport with board on which the name is written. We will take you from the Antalya airport to your hotel, or any adrese by new vehicles comfortably where you want. With the consciousness of the value of the time; Being punctual in your airport transfers is our most important principle. We consider all the details to ensure that you and your family can transfer comfortably and safely. Child and baby seats are carefully chosen according to their age and size. we always follow the traffic rules and speed limits. Now you can book airport transfer online with a few steps through our site simply.

About Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport is 13 km away from the city center. The distance to the nearby tourist centers is 57 km to Kemer, 125 km to Finike, 200 km to Kaş, 30 km to Serik, 229 km to Kalkan, 70 km to Side and 125 km to Alanya. Built on 13.000.000 m2 area, Antalya Airport has been serving since 1960. With the development of the tourism sector in Antalya, the airport is growing day by day. Access to health, bank, shopping, and guidance services within the airport is easy. Antalya Airport has two international lines and one domestic line terminal.

To Pass Quickly From Airport Security Check-Points and Not to Cause Waiting;

  • Leave all the metals (belt, watch, coins, cigarette, lighter, cell phone, etc.) along with coat/topcoat, cloak, jacket in plastic containers at check-points and let them pass through x-ray.
  • Place your luggage, if available, electrical/electronic devices by removing them from their cases/bags on x-ray device`s strap in order to be checked individually.
  • Queue up in front of check-point without waiting for the warning of guidance staff who is the first personnel at check-point and be ready to perform issues mentioned above quickly.
  • Do not cross the red line before the procedure of previous passenger is completed.
  • Check again whether there is metal on you, if a signal comes from door-type metal detector; in case of signal repeat act accordingly to instructions of security staff.
  • If you carry valuable items such as gold and money, inform security staff in advance to be searched in search cabins.
  • Beam of X-Ray device only damages professional cinema film. People who have that kind of film are required to come to the airport check-points with charge tent for manual check.
  • Health standards of security devices are met and allowed by Turkey Nuclear Energy Authority (TAEK); their assessments are performed regularly.
  • Do not ask for exemption with miscellaneous excuses; the security check-points are for all of us.
  • You cannot enter into airports with anything such as weapon, explosive, fake guns, toys that can be used at illegal intervention acts; the passengers that have these kinds of objects must declare it to the check-points.


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