How can I go to Alanya?

9/28/2020 12:00:00 AM
How can I go to Alanya?

What you need to know about transportation to Alanya

Transportation to Alanya by air is made from two airports in Antalya ("AYT Antalya Airport", "GZP Gazipaşa Airport"). To reach your hotel from the airports; You should choose one of the private transfer, taxi, municipal public transport and private airport public transport options. The only option to reach Alanya from the airport is by highway. There is no transportation by train, tram or ferry.

Now, let's evaluate these transportation routes one by one with their pros and cons.

How To Go From Antalya Airport To Alanya

Alanya, a district of Antalya, is 135 km from the center of Antalya. To Antalya airport (AYT) in Antalya; 125 km away. Even though Alanya is a district of Antalya, you should take the distance between these two places into account when making your holiday plan. You probably will not plan to go to Antalya from Alanya during your holiday, except to join the Antalya Tour offered by tour companies in Alanya.

If the place you choose for your holiday is Alanya or places like Okurcalar, Avsallar, İncekum, Türkler, Mahmutlar, Kargıcak which are the towns of Alanya; You should not choose Antalya airport. Because you will reach your hotel in a longer time and increase your transfer cost. As you know, time is precious on vacation. I'm sure you wouldn't want to waste this time in the transfer process.

However, sometimes, Antalya airport prices can be more economical than Gazipaşa airport in holiday packages abroad. If there is such a situation; You can determine which airport will be more economical for you by comparing cost and time.

In order to assist you, I give the prices and approximate times of the transfer companies that make private transfers to Alanya below.

Route Price Duration Distance
Between Antalya Airport and Alanya 50€ 1 hour 45 minutes 125km
Between Gazipasa Airport and Alanya 25€ 45 minutes 41km

Now let's consider the transportation options from Antalya to Alanya one by one.

Transportation by Private Transfer

There are many companies that provide private transfer services in Antalya. Prices vary according to competition and seasonal intensity. But generally prices are close to each other. Generally, the vehicle brands used for transfer are Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen Caravelle.

Another important point to pay attention to in private transfers is; are transfers made by passenger vehicles. Transfer to be done with this tool are prohibited in Turkey. The reason for this is to prevent it from affecting the taxi sector in the same class. However, many companies continue to serve with passenger vehicles with a capacity of 4-5 people due to low cost.

Please note that transfers by passenger vehicles are not legal and have no insurance. Insurance companies do not pay in case of any accident. In addition, if your vehicle is stopped during the routine checks performed by the traffic officers and the Ministry of Finance on the roads; at that moment you will have to leave the vehicle. This is also an unpleasant situation. Both your transfer will be delayed and the money you have paid will be in vain. That's why you should stay away from these types of companies.

Transportation by taxi

It is possible to reach anywhere you want by taxi at Antalya airport. But their prices will be much higher than other transportation options. Also, if your total number of people is more than three; Since your luggage will not fit in the car, you may have to hire two taxis.

Transportation by shuttle transport

You can travel cheaper by shuttle than private transfer. In this transfer method, pricing is per person. But if your number of people is high; It will be in your interest to choose private transfer vehicles. Because you will be able to get private transfer service by paying the same price or less. You can evaluate your price advantage according to the number of people via the table below.

Transfer Prices between Antalya Airport and Alanya
Number of People Shuttle Transfer Price Private Transfer Price
1 person 1x7€ = 7€ 45 €
3 person 3x7€ = 21€ 45 €
5 person 5x7€ = 35€ 50 €
7 person 7x7€ = 49€ 50 €
9 person 9x7€ = 61€ 50 €

If you wish, let's list the pros and cons of this shuttle transfer.

  • If you are less than 5 people, you will pay less than a private transfer.
  • No price advantage for 5 people or more
  • Since these vehicles take off at certain hours, you are waiting for other passengers at the airport. Sometimes you may need to wait for other planes to land. If there is a delay, you can wait much longer.
  • The vehicle stops by many hotels and addresses. Therefore, your transfer time will be very long.
  • Since the vehicle is not allocated specifically for you, it can sometimes be forgotten to take passengers. But companies are very meticulous in this regard. But still such situations can happen.

Transportation by municipal public transport

The municipality does not have a public transport service from Antalya to Alanya.

How To Go From Gazipasa Airport To Alanya

Gazipaşa Airport (GZP), which was opened in 2009, is 41 km away from Alanya. Average travel time with a private vehicle is between 30-45 minutes. If you are going to have your holiday in Alanya and surrounding towns, the most logical airport for you is Gazipaşa Airport. Being a small airport is actually an advantage. Baggage delivery and arrival at the departure point is easier compared to Antalya airport. In addition, the highway between Gazipaşa and Alanya is a secluded and newly built road.

To go to your hotel from Gazipaşa Airports; You should choose one of the private transfer, taxi, municipal public transport and shuttle transport options. The only option to reach Alanya from Gazipaşa airport is by road. There is no transportation by train, tram or ferry.

Now let's evaluate these transportation routes one by one with their pros and cons.

Transportation by Private Transfer

You can find many company sites on the internet for Alanya transfer. Prices are generally close to each other. Okey Transfer serves with average prices and experienced driver staff. All our drivers are fluent in at least one foreign language. In addition, they apply the covid-19 measures meticulously. You can find out the transfer prices of our company from Gazipaşa airport to Alanya via our website.

Transportation by taxi

There is a taxi at Gazipaşa airport. However, taxi costs are more expensive than private transfers. In addition, taxis have limited passenger and luggage capacities. Therefore, we do not recommend you choose unless it is urgent. In addition, you cannot know whether the taxis were disinfected before your journey as part of the fight against covid-19. That's why you should prefer private transfer vehicles.

Transportation by shuttle transfer

Companies that offer shuttle transfer services are also available at Gazipaşa airport. However, they are not preferred much due to covid-19. In addition, due to the per person pricing, the number of people over 5 people lose their price advantages.

Now let's compare the private transfer and shuttle transfer prices for Gazipaşa airport.

Transfer Prices between Gazipasa Airport and Alanya
Number of Persons Shuttle Transfer Price Private Transfer Prica
1 person 1x4€ = 4€ 20 €
3 person 3x4€ = 12€ 20 €
5 person 5x4€ = 20€ 25 €
7 person 7x4€ = 28€ 25 €
9 person 9x4€ = 36€ 25 €

As can be seen, for 5 people or more, the shuttle loses the transfer price advantage.

You may also need to wait at the airport, as shuttle transfer vehicles move at certain times. Do not forget that vehicles will stop by many places on the road

Transportation by municipal public transport

There are no municipal buses from Gazipaşa airport to Alanya. However, minibuses run from Gazipaşa center to Alanya. If you want to go to Alanya by minibus; you need to take a taxi from the airport to Gazipaşa center. But this journey will be very difficult for you. If you have luggage; When you come to Alanya, you will need to carry them to your hotel. Although it is not a logical transportation method for vacation, I wanted to mention the existence of this option in my article.

I hope "How can I go to Alanya?" we have answered your question. We wish you a good trip and a good holiday.