Luchthavens die we in Turkije bedienen

online airport transfer reservation

Voor luchthaven transfers, gebruik het makkelijke boekingssysteem op onze site. Nadat u de boeking in een paar stappen hebt voltooid, kunt u uw boekingsstatus controleren, opslaan of afdrukken. Uw reserveringen worden binnen ongeveer 10 minuten door onze vertegenwoordigers gecontroleerd en goedgekeurd en er wordt een definitieve bevestigings email gestuurd. Als u deze mail ontvangt, wordt uw reservering gefinaliseerd.


Welke luchthavens wij serveren

Airport Transfer Service

Whether you are planning a vacation or on your private trip, it is now easy to get from Gazipaşa airport or Antalya airport to your hotel or your desired adrese. Book easily through our website, get confirmation within 5 minutes. Pay in the car.

We receive you at the time you specify on the reservation form. We leave you at the Gazipaşa airport or the Antalya airport at the right time.

So you do not encounter stresses such as traffic, taxi fare, time to airport, parking lot. It is enough to make a reservation 4 hours before your flight and give us your information. We plan your route according to your traffic density and address and we take you from your address at the time you will arrive to your flight and bring it to the airport with a special car and driver. As you browse the details of your trip on the road, we take you to the airport at your full time. We increase the comfort of your journey without boarding the plane.

Your advantages with OKEY Airport Transfer Service

  • 7 day 24 hour airport transfers
  • More than one stopover can be specified.
  • Service quality according to European standards
  • Reservations can be updated with reservation module
  • Friendly service, experienced drivers.
  • No pay more than reservation price. No price surprises.
  • You do not pay parking fees, highway fees, bridge prices.
  • You get your car for long days without parking in the airport car park
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