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about us

We are a modern and reliable company that has been serving in tourism transport sector since 2011. We provide continuous training to company employees. All our drivers are experienced, adhere to traffic rules and know at least one foreign language. We work 24 hours a day with uninterrupted service standards. Our aim; Providing quality services, protecting customer rights, being the leader of the transportation sector.

We are committed to providing our customers with reliable, premium quality and high value services, helping to improve their quality of life and supporting environmental politics, investing in the sector and adding value to business culture.

Company Standards

OKEY Transfer and Vehicle Service is established with high quality, reliability and fair price principles. All of these, including safety and comfort, are words that our customers who use our service remember of us. All our customers make a fun and enjoyable journey. Our welcoming staff is trained in human relationships and works for your comfort throughout your trip.

OKEY Transfer offers special advantages to all hotels for airport transfers. Otels prefers OKEY Transfer. Because of the highest customer satisfaction, hotel-specific charges and more on OKEY Transfer. You can also contact us for your special transfers to the hotel.

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